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Wildcrete 3D Foam Target: Feral Fallow Deer


Butt practice targets are the ultimate tool to hone your skills for that big hunt. As fun and challenging as recreational or competitive archery on a conventional round or square targets is, there is no substitute for shooting at a reasonable likeness of you quarry.

Feral Fallow Deer handpainted high-density self-healing foam 3D target by Wildcrete 3D.

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Part of our collection of Wildcrete 3D targets, the Wildcrete Feral Fallow Deer 3D Target is designed for optimal competitive and hunting practice archery.  Why bother with conventional targets when you can use a lifelike target for your hunting practice?

The Fallow Deer Target is a medium/large size target with two universal scoring ring target zones.  The two target zones as well as the target’s stunning realism make it a perfect choice for practicing killshots, as well as a compelling target for recreational shooting.

Composed with Wildcrete’s self healing foam, this target is designed for hunters by hunters. Featuring realistic broadside and quartering away shot target zones and built to handle heaps of arrows.

The Wildcrete 3D Fallow Deer target is now available from R&N Blades, visit our workshop to see it for yourself.

  • 1000mm L x 270mm W x 1170mm H
  • 18kg, three piece construction - stand recommended
  • 2 scoring zones with universal scoring rings
  • Self-healing high-density replaceable foam core
Care guide:

Keep targets dry and out of the sun.  Remove all arrows after each session to allow the foam to heal.  While most setups are viable, using lighter poundage bows with target tips will increase the longevity of the target.

Additional information

Weight18000 g
Dimensions100 × 23 × 117 cm

Hand painted high-density self healing foam


3D sculpted feral fallow deer

Arrow Tips

Field Tips

Scoring Zones

2x Broadside Targets


Three piece construction, stand recommended

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