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Length: 23cm
Cutting Edge: 9cm
Blade Thickness: 2.9mm
Blade Metal: S35VN Stainless Steel from Niagara Specialty Metals.
Handle Material: G10, Micarta, Stabilised Timber, Horn, Bone

The Kita takes its name sake from a GSP owned by a family friend. The deep chest of the GSP flowing back to a neat hind quarter is what reminded us of this shape.

Its very shape lends its self to those long sweeping cuts required to skin a game animal in the field. Its length is perfect to still allow the owner to maintain dexterity and control the point of the knife in the more delicate operations required when removing the paunch yet deep enough to help breakdown a carcass in preparation to pack out large joints of meat.

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These knives are occasionally available in our Special Friday Knife Drops; you’ll find any live Friday Drops in the available knives section.  

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