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August 8, 2023
Swagman's Companion

Inspired by the outgoing social media adventurer, The Silly Swagman, and designed for bushcraft, each R&N Blades Swagman's Companion is made from top quality MagnaCut Stainless Steel and comes equipped with textured G10 handles and paired with a custom Kydex sheath.

The companion features a bowdrill socket and lanyard hole on the handle for extra utility when out in the wilderness.

Designed and built in the R&N Blades workshop in Victoria, Australia.


Length: 21.5 cm
Cutting Edge: 9cm
Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Blade Metal: MagnaCut Stainless Steel from Niagara Specialty Metals
Handle Material: Textured G10
Weight: 146g

November 25, 2022


Length: 27cm
Cutting Edge: 14cm
Blade Thickness: 2.6mm
Blade Metal: MagnaCut Stainless Steel from Niagara Specialty Metals.
Handle Material: G10, Stabilised Timber (custom enquiry), Ram's Horn (custom enquiry)

The HFK is a crossover blade between a filleting knife and a boning knife . It is a semi Flexible blade that originated after a backcountry trip into the New Zealand glacier country chasing Tahr and Chamois.

The fishing opportunities during the hunting trip gave birth to the idea of the possibility that a hunter only needs one knife in that country or situation.

The HFK has since been used and tested extensively on fresh and saltwater species. It is ideally suited to flathead, bream and the coastal species and trout, perch and similar species in the fresh.

Care after use still needs to be taken with the blade to hold back any rust issues that are unavoidable in the most harshest conditions found on earth... the sea.

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