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R&N Blades Staff: Rob


Director, Knife Design, Knife Production, Educator

After a successful career in the police force, Rob re-discovered his childhood love for knifemaking as a means of recovery from PTSD that had developed through the course of his police work. 

The hard work of both Rob and Naomi have built R&N Blades up from a backyard operation to a thriving business with a team of skilled employees all continuing the work of crafting high quality knives by hand.

Rob is passionate about passing on the skills and knowledge he has built up over his career to fledgling makers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Favourite blade: Swagman's Companion

R&N Blades Staff: Naomi


Director, Office Management, HR, First Aid

Naomi is Rob's other half in life and business, without her hard work and support running the business would not be possible.

Managing the office, liaising with other business, handling contracts, accounting, banking, HR and a non-exhaustive list of critical operational support finds Naomi self educating and challenging herself regularly in areas she has had no formal education in.

If you have sent an enquiry to R&N Blades before, chances are that Naomi has looked after you.

Favourite blade: scalpel

R&N Blades Staff:


Knife Production Manager, Knife Design

A keen outdoor enthusiast enjoying extreme mountain bike adventures and most water sports, Dave joined the R&N Blades team after a chance encounter at a tackle shop in 2021. The guy to see for repairs on high tech reels, Dave was working on one of Rob's reels when they started chatting.

When Dave discovered that Rob was the man behind R&N Blades, he eagerly showed of a pair of slip joint folders that he had made himself. After close inspection of Dave's knives, Rob offered him one day a week in the workshop and the rest is history.

Dave now runs production in the R&N Blades workshop, his attention to detail producing spectacular results.

Favourite blade: Anything with antler handles.


Web, Photo & Video, Graphic Design, Office Management 

In the time he has worked with us, we've have learned that Max has the remarkable ability to transform chai lattes into websites and slick imagery in a process that is not too dissimilar to alchemy.

While he's not an outdoorsy-type like the rest of us, Max has made up for it by ingratiating himself with his love of heavy metal. He'd be far happier at an Iron Maiden show than at any wild trail or campsite, and he much prefers the band Tool to any actual tool we have in the workshop.

Max is keen on all things design, and enjoys bass playing, game playing and supporting website users like you.

Favourite blade: the bad one with Ryan Reynolds in it 

Staff: Dan


The New Guy, Knife Production

It's new guy Dan. After nearly 20 years in the frame and truss industry working in design, technical support and account management it was time for a change. Dan is learning everything about knifemaking from the ground up through the expert instruction of Dave & Rob. He also likes to lift the heavy things, put them down and lift them back up again - wild.  

Favourite blade: Swagman's Companion, although a Zoe Zipper is now on his wishlist too!

Knife Making Courses - Group discussion

Customers like you


R&N Blades is a small business that would not function without the support of our loyal customers and the outdoor enthusiast community.  

Favourite blade: The ones we make

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