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Our aim here is to post regular snip bits and interesting stuff for you guys to have a read of and hopefully inspire some personal creation of your own in what ever form that takes ….

So ... this short article will be a question and answer style, like an interview that you would hear on the radio.

Q: How does someone become a knife maker?

A: Knife making is an expression of design, art, and purpose.

Knife making can be very therapeutic and can also be enjoyed by anyone with any skill level or exposure to using hand tools through to big expensive electric machines that almost require an engineer’s degree to operate and anything in-between.

The only thing it takes is the desire to “have a go” and don’t be afraid to fail attitude. There are many resources available now for the spirited seeker of information with online forums, YouTube demonstrations, discussion groups and lots of human interaction offered in the form of physical classes.

Q: But how do you physically start?

A: My best advise is to buy your self a scrap book with 1 cm grid squares, a sharp pencil that can draw soft and accurate lines, a ruler, some French Curves (google them and they pop up on eBay etc readily) and an eraser.

The French Curves will help get the lines right and allow you to get a good flow into your design. Draw softly at first until your design is almost correct and then press a little harder making your lines

My suggestion to try to aim for a handle length of about 11 cm and balance your blade from there.

If your brand new to knife making, try to keep your design relatively simple and without a guard to start with. You can thank me for that later.

Look for some simple carbon steel that can be heat treated at home easily like 1084, 1075 they make a great user knife and can be heat treated with cheap and easy methods and tools - like a blow torch and a simple oil to quench.

Transfer your design to the steel, cut it out and ….. your away ! Don’t expect to make it perfect the first time but DON’T GIVE UP ….. it can be very rewarding personally and you may find it becomes the master to so many things and teaches us values like patience, perseverance, attention to detail, pleasure and disappointment. All the things that make us better humans.

I will also be releasing how to videos on Instagram and YouTube, so stay tuned on new information releases and maybe send me some questions to help you along your journey.

Peace Out

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