Dog & Gun Coffee

Dog & Gun Coffee

As a free bonus on every order on our online store, we are now including free sample packets from our friends at Dog & Gun Coffee!  Packaged in with your R&N Blades order, you'll find a Pre-Loaded Drip Filter packet of either D&G's heavy-hitting Sambar dark roast or their smooth signature Red Stag medium roast.

We love collaborating with other organisations that share our ethos and affinity for the natural world, and Dog & Gun Coffee are a wonderful example of such an organisation - with conservation built into their business model via a pledge to give 1% of all revenue they generate to conservation projects every month.
They are just as committed to promoting a responsible outdoor lifestyle as they are committed to providing fresh, consistent and bloody tasty coffee. D&G source their beans from the best coffee growing regions in the world and use top quality roasting machines, you'll be able to taste the quality.

The team here at R&N Blades is fueled by Dog & Gun coffee; Rob and Naomi love their Sambar coffees, Tom relies on Black Death, Dave is always keen for Red Stag and while Max doesn't drink coffee (the heathen) he does enjoy D&G's Hog Choccie.

We know you'll love your Dog & Gun coffee and that you'll be keen to get some more so be sure to check out their website.

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