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The R&N Blades team have a decades of knife making experience, made obvious by the quality of the products we produce.  This hard-earned experience has shaped the products we offer; care and attention is paid to all aspects of the process - selecting blade steels and handle materials, constructing high-end custom sheaths and producing accessories for your next adventure. 

Read more to learn about our approach to knife design, materials and construction and you can be assured that whichever model of R&N Blades knife you choose, it has been personally designed by one of the team and has been rigorously field tested by our test and design crew.  

Deer in the mist

Designed for hunting

The two primary tasks each hunter has in their front of mind is the collection of meat and trophy. 

Sharp and smart designs in our collection enable you to choose what size, handle material and configuration would suit your game, hand size and task at hand. 

For example, our smallest and nimblest knife – the Helium, has been carried by many sambar hunters seeking an extremely light weight blade that is capable of caping all the way through to butchering. On the other hand, our Large Hunter has been used by those adventurers who are looking for a knife they can strike with a baton to separate the brisket in heavy game.

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Fishing at sunset

Designed for fishing

Our HFK (Hunters Filleting Knife) was designed around the fish species commonly found in the Gippsland Lakes. Black Bream, large Flathead, Trevally and King George Whiting are just some examples of the species we target.  

We wanted a knife to fill that gap of boning knife in winter and filleting knife in summer. The blade has some flex like a boning knife but not as flexible as the thin super flex filleters. The steel has been selected for edge retention and rust resistance. G10 handles with 3D machining provide enhanced grip of the knife when wet and can withstand harsh Marine environments.

Discover the HFK

Designed for the kitchen

Being very active members of the hunter-harvest community, we designed our 3-piece kitchen series to cover most of the food preparation tasks commonly found in a kitchen.  

Our Dusk to Dawn kitchen series can be ordered as individual knives, pairs or as a set. They are all 100% handmade from our waterjet cut blanks using CPM 154 stainless steel.  

Each handle is hand selected, scribed and shaped by one of our artisan workers. The result is a high-performance blade that commands respect and care.

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Niagara Specialty Metals

To ensure a consistent level of excellence across our range, we use steel melted and manufactured in the USA to high grades; rather than rely on the varying quality of hand forging.

Each steel grade we use is well suited to use in knife making and offers a range of benefits for different applications.

We then finish all our steel by hand, here in the R&N Blades workshop.

154 CM

Designed for tough industrial applications making it popular for use in knives that are designed to be regularly exposed to harsher environments.


A martensitic stainless steel designed to offer improved toughness without any loss of wear resistance. 

S35VN’s improved toughness provides better resistance to edge chipping while also offering better edge retention over that of conventional steels.


Steel designed specifically for knives, MagnaCut steel combines extreme toughness and excellent wear resistance.

We have found MagnaCut to be such a reliable knife steel, that we are using it in more and more of our production model knives.

Stainless Damascus

For our more unique knives, R&N Blades use DamaSteel Stainless Damascus Steel.

DamaSteel provides not only a unique look but excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance and incomparable toughness.


Worked by hand

Using a wide variety of materials, suited for different purposes and conditions.

Each knife handle we make is painstakingly hand worked and finished to the highest possible standard by our in-house artisans, providing you the best experience.


An incredibly strong rope material available in a range of sizes and colours; we wrap the handles of our Helium range of knives in paracord for increased grip, comfort and durabilty. 


A strong, high-pressure composite material we shape in our workshop for use as knife handles. 

We favour G10 for its strength, low weight and  resistance to moisture which are assets when facing tough external conditions. 


A high-pressure composite laminate of canvas, paper or fabric used for a wide variety of applications including aerospace & electronics, as well as being used for knife handles, Micarta is a very hardy material. 

Resistant to corrosion and impact damage and available in a wide variety of colours, it is a great choice for your knife.

Stabilised Timber

Treating timber with resin results in a remarkable improvement in durability, this allows us to to create beautiful wooden knife handles that can handle the tough conditions of a hunt while maintaining the look of an exhibition piece. 

Our workshop has a selection of stabilised timber pieces, in a variety of species, available for use as knife handles.  

Antler, Horn & Bone

Go the extra mile for a truly one-of-a-kind knife.  Each piece of antler, horn & bone we select for our knives is picked individually for optimal grip and exceptional looks. 

Please note that due to the low availability and extremely high material costs, antler handles are only available on enquiry for custom knife builds at additional cost. 


Made for the perfect fit 

We custom make our hard-wearing sheaths and match them to individual blades, keeping your R&N Blades knife safe and secure while you’re out in the elements.


Designed for tough industrial applications, Kydex is popular for use in knives that are designed to be regularly exposed to harsher environments.


A mainstay for sheath making, nothing feels quite like fitting your R&N Blades knife into it’s custom leather sheath. 

A leather sheath provides an exceptional, classic, look and feel while still being tough enough to handle whatever you throw at it.

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